Sistem 21

Siparişiniz 21 gün sonra elinizde olacak.

SISTEM 21 ile müşterilerimizin önemli bir gereksinimini karşılamayı başardık: 21 gün içinde teslimat. Boyut seçin (5000 x 1220 mm'ye kadar) ve isteğe bağlı olarak 6 ahşap çeşidinden seçim yaparak, siparişi doğrudan müşteriye teslim edebiliriz. Bu size zamandan ve paradan tasarruf etmenizi sağlar.


Punctual delivery and high product quality are hallmarks of our company philosophy. All our panels are manufactured in Bulgaria , allowing us to monitor the entire production process – from tree to pre-assembled panel.

Our hardwood panels stand out thanks to their robust design and elegant look. All the fronts are sorted by hand according to colour and structure. Our fine sense of harmony and careful attention to detail combine to produce a unique effect. We perform constant checks in accordance with ISO 9001 to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained. We inspect the quality and robustness of the wood and also the woodworking and the lamination of every part before it leaves our plant.

The result is top-quality wood, exceptional craftsmanship and first-rate reliability – a product that upholds the high standards we share with our customers