Our production process is consist of the latest German machinery technology and designed for 500 m3 per month (hardwood – beech and oak) massive panel production capacity.

A fully-automatic bandsaw and carriage line is used for lumber production. Using a completely automatic bandsaw line increases the outcome and gives us a chance to offer a better price for our customers by reducing the wood waste.

Drying process is guided and controlled by a computerized system. This newest drying technology called “dehumidifying kilns” is a very sophisticated system that allows us to have consistency of product quality by preventing all defects might happen during the process.

We always have a big quantity of lumber waiting in stock in order to reach the best moisture content within its environment by natural air drying. It’s important that the moisture content must be appropriate before the pro-duction to avoid later openings, cracks or splits on the surface of the panel.

Another important and essential process of edge-glued massive panel manufacturing is “length measuring” line for the elements. For this process, we chose Weinig OptiCut 200 measuring line which automatically cuts out defects and optimizes for exact measurement needed.

The advantage of OptiCut 200 is that different lengths can be cut in one time and its special software program adjusts the length of elements.

Finger joint is made by cutting a set of comlementary rectangular cuts in two pieces of wood, which are then glued. It is stronger than a butt or lap joint. The operation allows a rational use of the wood and the achievement of larger lengths.

DIMTER Weinig ProfiPress

It can produce edge-glued panels with max. length of 5000 mm and max. thickness of 50 mm. The press has an automatic feeding system, creating a continuous carpet of panels.

This DIMTER ProfiPress is electro-nically controlled by a software that production variables can be entered. The high frequency press technology is used to increase the quality of gluing and the best outcome guaranteed by Weinig.

All the products are calibrated both faces (top and bottom) with 120 sanding paper. Different sanding papers can be used depending on special orders.

After the quality control of calibrated panels are made by qualified staffs, shrink wrapped (foil wrapped) packing system is applied. Packing with shrink foil protects the products against further fluctuations in moisture content.