Wood panel manufacture

12 different panel types with thicknesses ranging from 16 to 60 mm guarantee the right panel for every application.

About us

Having introduced numerous innovations since the company was founded in 1997, NaturPan is now Europe’s leading manufacturer of 3-layer hardwood panels. Drawing on many years’ experience in the production of panels – a process that encompasses the storage, drying and expert processing of wood –, the constant development of our products and our use of state-of-the-art technology are the bedrock of our success.

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Being the best has
been our vision

since 1997


Our range of hardwood panels is unique and unsurpassed. 12 different panel types with thicknesses ranging from 16 to 60 mm guarantee the right panel for every application.

Panel manufacture

With more than 70 highly-qualified employees, NaturPan has now secured itself the position of
being the market leader in Europe for hardwood panels.

Our hardwood panels stand out thanks to their robust design and elegant look. All the fronts are sorted by hand according to colour and structure. Our fine sense of harmony and careful attention to detail combine to produce a unique effect.

We perform constant checks in accordance with ISO 9001 to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained. We inspect the quality and robustness of the wood and also the woodworking and the lamination of every part before it leaves our plant.

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Project: „Less waste, more value” supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Programme Bulgaria.

Contract № 2021/587819

Project focus area: „Green industry innovations

Project objective: The main project outcome will be our increased competitiveness, profit, turnover and capacity while reducing the use of raw material, energy consumption, generated waste, the production time per pcs of product, the production cost.

Short description of the project:

Investments in two brand new highly efficient machines using the latest available technologies in wood processing - Optimizing cross cut saw and Plaining machine with multi rip saw.  

Project cost: EUR 329 000, including EUR 197 200 Grand.

Start date of the project: 10.02.2022 г.

End date of the project: 30.09.2023 г.

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Your order will be with you in 21 days

With SYSTEM 21, we have managed to fulfil a crucial customer requirement: to deliver within 21 days. Choose any dimension (up to 5000 x 1220 mm) and from a selection of 6 kinds of wood, and we can deliver orders straight to the customer on request. This saves you time and money.